Pregnancy is an exciting time of change and expectation.  For mums-to-be there are many changes physically, emotionally and spiritually as baby grows, hormones shift and the anticipation of a new chapter in life beginning.  Pregnancy massage can be used throughout the whole nine months. Pregnancy massage alleviates postural strains, improves circulation, reduces fluid retention, calms emotions and hormone fluctuations and relaxes all the body systems.


A Pregnancy Massages can be 60-90 minutes duration and with the use of a pregnancy pillow, mums-to-be can lie on their tummy supported in a comfortable neutral position. The use of Pregnancy safe Essential oils calms stress and restores balance.



Fluid retention, congestion, muscle aches, sciatica, calms emotions, restores energy, balances effects of hormonal changes and promotes relaxation which may decrease insomnia

Massage in pregnancy uses many of the other techniques of Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy and energy work but with some pressure points avoided and using gentler pressure. Using the Pregnancy Pillow mums-to-be love delight in being able to lie on their tummy. Having fluid removed from limbs creates lightness in being and moderately firm strokes ease muscle tension restoring ease of movement. With energy cleared and balanced, mums feel restored and able to return to the their life with more joy and freshness.

Regular Massages throughout your pregnancy  encourages a sense of wellbeing by reducing the challenging symptoms and discomforts experienced during this time of change.

Lying on your back after 22 weeks is not recommended because of pressure of the growing baby on large arteries affecting circulation to both mum and baby. Positioning is made comfortable with many pillows and the pregnancy pillow and in the last few weeks, a side lying position may be the most comfortable.

Mums with At risk pregnancies are recommended to speak to their Doctor or Midwife before their first appointment

Pregnancy safe essential oils are used after the first trimester to potentiate the healing. No essential oils are used in the first trimester.

Thankyou Valerie for all your support over the last 12 months. I could not have got through my pregnancy without you and my fortnightly treatments.


I slept really well after my massage and the relief I felt with less fluid in my legs and ankles helped me in getting off to work for the rest of the week.


Having had a couple of miscarriages, I have been so anxious in this pregnancy.  My massages have helped me keep calm so I can enjoy this beautiful process.