Polarity Therapy with Reiki are two gentle energetic approaches combined to reconnect mind and body, spirit and energy to correct connective tissue and organ dysfunction, reduce anxiety, improves body awareness, connectedness and brings peace and acceptance when life is challenging. Clients have use the words serene, melting, weightless, connected and expansive to describe their experience with Polarity therapy. Polarity Therapy Works to reconnect energy in the different poles, energetic pathways, chakras, structural lines of force and draws from many ancient approaches to healing artfully collated by Randolf Stone.

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You will feel energy moving, dissipating, ripples or waves of energy, moving out of the body, becoming stronger around the body, champagne bubbles of energy. heat emerging and leaving the body.

Little twitches are felt or parts of the body making rolling movements as fascia lets go and energy reconnects

A sense of deeply relaxing or melting into the treatment table.

Some clients feel as though they have gone back in utero feeling held, surrounded protected and calm.


One of the most relaxing and healing treatments. Done through clothes. Added beautifully to many other techniques or a stand alone treatment.



If you have difficulty calming the mind, this may not be the best modality to start with. Add it to other styles of treatment.

I didn’t know what I needed today but that was definitely what I needed. Everyone should have one of these treatments.

I actually felt so light I thought I was levitating.

I feel really present in my body, like everything is sucked back into my body again and I feel connected again.

I had this experience of being in Japan/the country/some far away place. It was so vivid.

I could feel my body twitching as the fascia was releasing. Other times it felt like I was melting into the table. It felt like I was chewing gum being slowly stretching out without there being any resistance.