Many people ask what exactly is energetic healing and how does it work. Although there are many styles of healing, Reiki, Polarity Therapy and Chakra Balancing are the styles we work with. It is considered a vibrational healing approach and works through restoring wellness to the energy of your body by addressing any blocks or stagnant areas in the flow of that energy.

The approach we use is an integrated one, in which we investigate a person’s chakras, aura, and other subtle energy systems to locate areas of unease. Then through a range of techniques it is brought back into alignment with a healthy energetic flow.

Since everyone is different in their patterns of ‘blocking,’ the process of release is very much dependent upon the individual’s timing or readiness to let go of the old vibration and, as these blocks can hold both mental and emotional imprints, it is also important to recognise they are protected by defense mechanisms to avoid further pain or discomfort as well as prevent the energy leaking into inappropriate settings. Eventually if left unattended, these blocks can leak into our actions and behaviours and lead to us having recurrent experiences whereby we encounter the same problem or situation in our lives over and over again.

Eventually when it becomes too uncomfortable or we get fed up, that is generally a sign to devote time for releasing this trapped energy. It can take one session or several sessions, again depending upon the nature of the energetic block and your readiness to let go.

The beauty of energetic healing is that it addresses the presenting problem from several angles: mentally in discovering the origin and potential beliefs of the energy; emotionally to release what hasn’t yet been expressed; and energetically by transmuting the energy from a dense vibration into a higher or finer energy. The physical body will feel lighter and more connected to self and the immediate environment.