Aromatherapy Massage is a heavenly blend of Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage and acupressure. Gentle pressure combined with slow paced movements and divine botanical essences in a water soluble carrier oil take you to bliss. Many health conditions can be treated with essential oils including headaches, congestion, fluid retention, hormone problems, musculo-skeletal pain, immunity problems and respiratory conditions to name just a few. Children especially love to choose oils for their own sleep-time massage lotion.

Congestion, constipation, sinusitis, inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue, arthritis, edema, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, headaches, skin conditions, insomnia among many other symptoms.

Gentle strokes, pressure points, swedish and lymphatic drainage style movements. Deeply relaxing for some and reviving for others.  Choosing your essential oils adds another aromatic dimension to this treatment.

You will love it if you enjoy a gentler style of massage.


You may not prefer this massage if you can only relax with deeper techniques. If you have trouble relaxing in your massages, the gentle repetitive strokes may not be stimulating enough.  The remedy is to mix  techniques and start with deep tissue massage first and then move into the Aromatherapy massage.

I love the oil combinations you put together, they are always so beautiful. It is such a relaxing massage. When my back is OK I prefer this style of massage. Sorry I snore a little when I fall asleep, but its just so relaxing.

I don’t like massages that hurt. The aromatherapy massage is a bit like lymphatic drainage with acupressure points. This is exactly what I like.

Because my lungs are always such a problem it is such a relief to find something that clears them so I can breathe better. The larger dose of essential oils you put on my upper back under a heat pack gives me so much relief.  It feels like it gets right in.